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Thieves Steal $500K Worth of Property From Home: Police

Police are on the hunt for thieves with expensive taste. Surveillance cameras captured them casing and then breaking into a home in an upscale South Florida neighborhood.

In addition, police said they've linked the men to five other burglaries in the area.

The latest happened at a home off 106th Street and 64th Avenue. The homeowner said the thieves missed his son and the nanny by 10 minutes. It was all caught on camera but police weren't alerted at the time, because the alarm was broken.

Police said the thieves were in and out in 10 minutes, with $500,000 worth of property.

Video shows the masked burglars walking toward the back of the house and checking out the locks. They then focused in on a window and it appears they grabbed a tool to prop it open.

"These guys were incredible professionals. Everything was completely neat in the house," the homeowner said.

Once they were in the house, the thieves headed straight to the master bedroom. Before they began to stash the goods into a bag, one of them got a little greedy and put a watch in his pocket while his partner in crime was out of sight. They then quickly emptied out drawers full of jewelry and also grabbed several purses.

"They closed every drawer, closed all the drawers behind them. My dog, which is a vicious German Shepard, did absolutely nothing."

The thieves casually walked out of the house on Saturday at about 9:35 p.m., one with bags in hand, the other with a safe.

According to Pinecrest Police, there have been 11 burglaries in the area since July 2015. Detectives believe these thieves are linked to five other burglaries that occurred in 2014.

The homeowner is glad his family is safe, but he's also upset because the thieves made it out with many family heirlooms.

If you recognize these men or know anything about this case, call Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.

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