Thieves Target E-Cigarettes in Dania Beach

A break-in at a Dania Beach warehouse may have seen the thieves walk out with as much as $400,000 in e-cigarettes.

The thieves first broke into Diesel Marine Solutions, Inc on Tigertail Blvd in Dania Beach. The owner told detectives that someone had opened a bay door and pulled a truck inside. The suspect(s) then began making a hole through the wall separating Diesel Marine from a business next door called ECigrus LLC.

The owner of the first business said nothing was stolen from his store, but the owner of ECigrus said the suspects may have taken up to $400,000 worth of electronic cigarettes and liquid tobacco products.

"They emptied us out," said Justin Darmon of E-Cigarettes Wholesale.

Detectives said surveillance video captured the burglary at 4:45 p.m. Sunday. The video showed the burglars crawling through the wall and then poking boxes out of the way to get into the business. The burglar eventually took several boxes off the shelves and went back through the hole in the wall.

The owner of the E-cigarette business, Barak Beleli, said he has an alarm with motion sensors, but the alarm never went off during the burglary. Belei also said he is the sole distributor and point of sale for the brand of e-cigarettes and the liquid products, according to BSO.

"It's like selling gold, nobody can get it," said Darmon. "We're the only authorized dealer in the United States."

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