Third Woman Accuses Former Teacher of Sexual Assault

A third young woman has come forward to accuse the former teacher and head of the Nur-Al-Islam Academy, Tariq Ahmed, with sexually assaulting them.

Attorneys for the three women, who were between the ages of 12 and 14 when they said he assaulted them, spoke Monday and demanded the academy do more to help the police investigation.

“The school was put on notice and made aware of this for quite some time and has done absolutely nothing, nothing, and it’s stunning to me,” said attorney Scott Mager.

Ahmed is facing six criminal charges, but he hasn’t been arrested yet because police haven’t been able to locate him. Mager said he believes that Ahmed has either left the country or is in hiding. The academy’s board issued a statement about the accusations that read in part:

“Recently, we have become aware of disturbing allegations regarding a former teacher of Nur-ul-Islam Academy…Upon learning of these allegations, the Academy immediately suspended the teacher’s employment, barred him from any further contact with Academy students and has since terminated his employment with the Academy.”

Mager said the school’s statement left many questions unanswered.

“The school said in the statement, ‘We did an investigation, as soon as he was arrested, we terminated him. Well, how did they communicate that?” Mager asked. “How did they tell him? What was he that they communicated that termination? So obviously, they know where he was, when he was gonna be arrested, and then he magically disappears.”

Mager’s legal team set up a website,, making the case against Ahmed. Still, his supporters have not been persuaded by the charges or accusations.

“He was always there to help me, so to hear all these allegations coming out, it just seems unbelievable to me and I still don’t believe it,” said former student Malik Najib. “I believe in the Constitution, everybody’s innocent until they’re proven guilty.”

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