‘This Is A Plea to My Daughter': Mother of Missing California Tourist Speaks At News Conference

During a news conference Friday, the mother of Angela Morissey spoke directly to her daughter, expressing her concern and worry over her child's whereabouts.

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Miami Police originally thought Angela Morissey had disappeared on March 28th, last seen by her boyfriend at Bayside Marketplace. 

Then, on March 29th, detectives found security camera video showing her at a Hialeah gas station. Police say she was alone and did not appear to be in distress. 

On Friday, her mother, Darnella Melancon, flew in from California to make a plea to the public to report any sightings of Morissey. She also spoke directly to her daughter at a news conference inside the Miami Police Department. 

“This is a plea to my daughter, Angela, I love you, I have come to Miami to find you and to get you back home, home with us, home to Yazzie, home to Lonnie, everyone’s missing you, we are all worried about you,” said Melancon, mentioning Morissey’s two children. 

According to Melancon, Morissey’s boyfriend was planning on proposing marriage on this trip to Miami. Police say Amir Elbadry’s story checked out, that he and Morissey had an argument at Bayside, he went on a boat ride without her, and then she was gone.

Detectives say she left Bayside with two other people. 

“We are going on two weeks since she was last seen, we don’t know if she’s in any imminent danger but it’s just as important to us that we do find her safe and let her family know, her mother know that she’s fine,” said assistant chief Armando Aguilar. 

Melancon told NBC 6 on Monday that Morissey was in regular contact with her, checking on her two kids, until she went off the radar. 

“The regular was at least every day or every other day she was texting and FaceTiming with the children and if I was at work, she would still call someone else at the house to FaceTime with the children and she was telling me how much she missed them so that also leads to an extra concern,” Melancon said via Zoom.

In her appeal at the police department, Melancon directed most of her remarks directly at her daughter. 

“No one has heard form you, we need you to contact us, reach out, do something to let us know you’re OK,” Melancon said.

Police say Elbadry is not a suspect, they consider him a cooperating witness. They also said they have interviewed one of the people with whom Morissey was last seen, and will soon interview the other one. 

As their investigation continues, they’re asking the public to call the Miami Police Department if anyone spots Angela Morissey.

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