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This South Florida Park Was Named Best In State

A South Florida park has been named the best in the state by Time Money.

Nestled in the heart of Delray Beach, Wakodahatchee Wetlands was noted for acres of wetlands, a boardwalk overlooking ponds and islands and an array of Florida wildlife. The park was constructed on 50 acres of utility property in 1966 and was converted into wetlands teeming with lush vegetation and natural habitats for several animals, according to Palm Beach County.

To determine the best park in each state, Time used a Yelp algorithm that calculated number of positive park reviews as well as business star ratings. The magazine also included a total travel cost that factored in prices for flights, hotel, car and food.

Admission into Wakodahatchee Wetlands – located on 13026 Jog Road – is free. More than 178 species of birds have been spotted in the park, as well as turtles, rabbits, fish, frogs and even alligators.

Reviews on Trip Advisor commend the park for its location, easy access and photography opportunities.

“This is such an unexpected gem in the middle of housing developments,” one review posted on April 24 read. “It is a great place to walk and relax and take in nature, and right now all of the water birds are nesting or raising babies.”

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