Hallandale Beach

Thousands of Jellyfish Wash Ashore on Hallandale Beach

Thousands of jellyfish washed ashore on Hallandale Beach Thursday morning, covering the shoreline and prompting questions from curious beach patrons.

Lifeguards say this happens about every three years, and they are flying the purple flag, the warning for dangerous marine life.

These particular jellyfish are scientifically named "Valella" or nicknamed "Blue Sailors."

They are not really a dangerous type and are not known to sting, according to lifeguards. However, they caution that in the large group of Blue Sailors, there may be some Man-O-War stinging jellyfish.

One minor sting was reported since early Thursday morning.

A public works beach tractor did rake up dozens of the creatures, but they continued to wash up and cleanup was a gradual process.

Crews had the beach cleaned up by Friday morning.

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