Three Arrested in Miami Beach Brass Knuckle Robbery: MBPD

Miami Beach police have arrested three men in connection with a brass knuckle robbery last Thursday.

According to police reports, the victim was walking home near 11th Street and Jefferson Court in Miami Beach when the the men approached him. They are identified as Alberto Mora of Miami Gardens, and Bryan Catin and Carlos Leiva, both of Hialeah.

The men punched the victim on the head with brass knuckles, and when the victim fell, they continued to punch him in the head and face.

Police say the men stole the victim's wallet and keys, then took off in a BMW driven by Catin.

Catin sped off, but lost control of the car and slammed into a parked car, deploying the airbags and thus shutting off the engine.

The men then took off running.

On Wednesday, police brought Catin in for questioning regarding the incident. Police say Catin made a full confession, leading to the arrests.

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