Tide Variations Cause Flooding in Miami Beach

The high tide was about 11 inches higher than average on Tuesday

Water in South Beach has been causing problematic puddles on 5th Street and Alton Road as cars exit the MacArthur Causeway.

"We had to paddle to buy our fruit. We're staying in a hotel nearby," said David Grantham, a tourist from London. "We thought it was rain but then we saw no rain."

It's actually water from Biscayne Bay, and it's proving to be a pain for those who live or work on South Beach.

"I take the bus and sometimes the road is blocked," said Natalie Vargas, who works on South Beach.

"I was coming to Walgreens but now I'm trying to figure out how we're going to cross the street because of the flood," said Shavon Cook, who lives on South Beach.

The water is coming out of these storm drains

The main reasoning behind this is what we call spring tide it's when the moon is closest to the earth which increases your gravitational force, " said Alex Gibbs with the National Weather Service.

This results in higher high tide and lower than low tide cycles.

The high tide on Tuesday morning was 11 inches higher than average. Tide variations should be back to normal by the weekend.

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