Tight Deadline to Apply for Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Ends

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The deadline is officially up for anyone hoping to be the next superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the fourth largest school district in the country. 

The district confirmed that they had 16 people apply for the job as of the deadline Wednesday.

Some of the applicants are already employees of the district. Some said they were products of the district. There were a few candidates who have had experience as a superintendent or deputy superintendent. 

There was also one candidate who is a senior chancellor with the Florida Department of Education. 

Some of the applicants applied from as far as New York, Canada and Texas. 

However, some in the community have voiced concern about the short one-week deadline to apply for the position. 

“You are making a serious tactical error,” said one of the public speakers at the regular board meeting Wednesday. “We urge the board to reverse course on Jan. 18 and adopt a more deliberate approach that allows for the appointment of an interim or acting superintendent and for a purposeful transparent search that process."

“What we do know is we have a time certain period that this superintendent will be transitioning into his new role for the Los Angeles School District so we, as a board, have to start the process,” said Dr. Steve Gallon, in response to questions regarding the short deadline. 

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, whose last day is tentatively Feb. 3, would not give an opinion on the search timeline, only what kind of candidate he thinks should replace him. 

“I think my successor needs to be an educator, someone who understands and loves this community,” said Carvalho. “In addition, someone who can walk the halls of Tallahassee and Washington D.C. and advocate for our kids … and someone who does not fear personal consequences for doing the right thing for children and teachers.” 

It's not clear if all the 16 applicants actually meet the qualifications and requirements set out by the school board. 

The board will have a special meeting on Jan. 18 to discuss the matter. 

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