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Tips for Protecting Your Home Deliveries From Thieves

Over and over, a crime of opportunity continues to repeat itself in South Florida: thieves swiping packages from your doorstep.

Two men who spoke to NBC 6 were stunned it happened to them, but they're determined not to let lightning strike twice. They've changed the way they receive packages, and they urge you to take heed.

"We definitely don't have it delivered here anymore. I have packages delivered to my work or signature verification as well, two things that before this happened we never thought about it," said Matthew McClure, victim.

You can also track your packages online so you know what day, even down to the hour, when it'll be delivered. If another location isn't an option for you, befriend the delivery driver.

"It's always the same delivery people, so if you talk to them or see them, strike up a relationship and they'll normally take care of you," said Michael Gigante, victim.

Miami Police said there's been an uptick in packages disappearing, and thieves are getting sneakier with their swipes.

"These criminals are following these trucks around, casing the neighborhood, patrolling if you will, looking for this opportunity," said Lt. Freddie Cruz with Miami Police.

Surveillance has helped nab some of the thieves. An undercover officer arrested 24-year-old Richard Ibarra on May 4 in Miramar's Silver Lakes community.

Ibarra allegedly confessed to the crime four times over after police said they found several brown boxes in the backseat of his car. He's now charged with burglary and theft.

McClure has a message for the crooks still out there: "Karma, it'll get you."

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