The Tooth Fairy Flunks Florida

Pew Children's Dental Campaign grades Florida with an "F"

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Blame it on all the gold teeth or the abundance of sugar cane, but Floridians could use a daily visit from the dentist, according to a study that rated the nation's tooth stock.

Floridians received an "F" grade for their atrocious dental hygiene by the Pew Research Center in Washington DC, which studies the dental services and the amount of hot breath in each state.

We knew Lil Wayne setting up residence in Miami would come back to bite us eventually.

According to the study, both adults and children alike in Florida could use a good cleaning or a complete set of dentures. It's no wonder Floridians don't walk around with gas masks to protect against all the bad breath you are likely to encounter, if you believe the study's conclusions.

The study looked eight dental benchmarks that each state should be pushing including the number of school programs that promoted dental health and state dental policies.

Eight other states also flunked the Tooth Fairy's seal of approval test, but Florida lagged even those by meeting only two of the eight benchmarks.

But we are not beyond help, yet.

The study concluded we need about 750 more dentists to service the 75 percent of children who receive no dental care.

At least we have Miami's own Dwayne Johnson's movie role as the Tooth Fairy to hang out hats on.

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