Touchdown! Miami Scores $333 Million From Super Bowl XLIV

Miami scores big during the Super Bowl

Make the Super Bowl a Miami event full time. Pretty please, NFL commissioner.

A study released Monday concluded that the Big game's economic impact to South Florida was $333 million, a much needed shot in the arm for an area struggling financially.

The South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee's impact study also concluded that three out of every four people left Miami with the impression they would come back even if the Super Bowl wasn't being played. That's welcome news to local businesses and vendors considering the NFL won't be bringing the Super Bowl back for quite some time it appears.

Miami lost its most recent bid to host a Super Bowl when the NFL owners chose the frozen tundra that will be New York over the sunny side of the tracks.

The big numbers prove that no matter who is in the game, Miami knows how to throw a football party.

Here are some other highlights from the study:

Visitors spent an average of $401 a day, double what they would normally spend. We credit P. Diddy and the ultra expensive club cover charges for this one. Honorable mention, Kim Kardashian.

The average annual income of visitors to the Super Bowl was over $220,000. Once again, thanks to P. Diddy and his posse.

51.6 percent of visitors said they had a favorable impression of South Florida once they left. Of that number, 50 percent were recruited for the "We Want Wade" campaign. 

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