Tour Bus Catches Fire on MacArthur Causeway

About a dozen people on board a popular Miami bus tour got an unwelcome part of their tour on Friday when the vehicle they were on caught fire.

Chopper 6 was over the scene on the MacArthur Causeway eastbound, where a bus from Pirate Duck Tour was heavily damaged near the intersection of Star Island.

Passengers said the fire was in the back of the vehicle, near the emergency exit, so they had to escape out the side.

"We come out of the water, we've done the water bit and we're driving along and then suddenly there was smoke...and flames in the floor," passenger Chris Busk said.

Miami Beach Fire Rescue units responded and quickly extinguished the fire.

"Just got off very quickly, well not too quickly, hanging on to the railings going down from the steps and then everyone was told to move further away in case it exploded, that's what they were worried about," passenger Joan Daswell said.

Miami Beach Police said no one was hurt in the fire but it was causing traffic delays.

A bus from a separate tour company later stopped to pick up the stranded site seekers and take them back to the Pirate Duck Tours headquarters.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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