Tourist Charged With Allegedly Beating Wife With Whip Inside Miami Beach Hotel

A man visiting Miami Beach found himself behind bars after police say he beat his wife with a whip and handcuffed her inside their hotel room.

Abdullah Alhorir was arrested Monday afternoon and charged with two counts, including battery and false imprisonment. The native of Saudi Arabia was held on $6,500 bond.

According to an arrest report, the victim ran out of their hotel room Monday morning at the Monte Carlo Hotel off Collins Avenue and asked an employee for help. Police were called and interviewed both Abdullah and his wife.

The victim told police that she had been beaten for several days and, when she tried to call for help, Abduallah restrained her. She also showed pictures of their children with red marks on their face, which she told police came earlier in their vacation in Orlando. The victim also claimed Abdullah poured scalding water on her during that time.

“I understand you are on vacation here in America, in Florida....but in the United States, women have equal rights to men unlike I believe in your country,” Judge Mindy Glazer said at the bond hearing.

Abdullah told police he did not cause the marks on her body, but officers who searched the room found a leather whip and several tie-wraps inside.

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