Rabbi Searches in Vain for Kosher Gay Couple to Marry

A rabbi at a Pompano Beach synagogue is ready to say mazel tov to the first Jewish gay marriage in Broward county, if only he could find a happy kosher couple.

Temple Sholom recently shed its ultra-conservative image and is ready to perform the first ever commitment ceremony in the county.  

Rabbi David Mark has been placing ads in Jewish newspapers to find two people who want to get hitched, something not possible just a few short years ago.

"There was a need out there among the public for something like this," Mark told the Sun-Sentinel. "It hurt me so much to my very core that I could not help these people. I believe religion should bring people together."

Earlier this year, the Temple shifted away from what it felt was an increasingly right-wing ideology. The temple calls itself "progressive conservative" and is allowed to perform the alternative ceremonies while still holding on to many conservative traditions. The orthodox branch of Judaism still rejects same-sex marriage and wedding substitutes.

The ceremonies at Temple Shalom won't include every part of a Jewish wedding, but it will include an exchange of rings and vows and the breaking of glass.   

"Even though Florida does not recognize gay marriage, I feel that gay people are entitled," Mark said. "People fall in love and they should be able to express that love in a public setting."

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