Trial Begins for Broward Husband Accused of Murdering Wife in 2010

Opening statements were delivered Monday in the trial of a Broward man who allegedly said he "turned evil" when he murdered his wife on Easter Day back in 2010.

Robert Oulton, 68, is facing a first-degree murder charge in the April 2010 death of wife Yvonne.

Authorities say the body of Yvonne Oulton was found in her car in the 1400 block of Southwest 3rd Street in Pompano Beach. She had been beaten on the head by a blunt object at least 10 times, an arrest affidavit said.

Yvonne Oulton had spent the afternoon gambling at the Isle Casino & Racing at Pompano Park and was a regular poker player there.

Robert Oulton left a letter for his son, confessing to the murder and explaining what had happened, Broward Sheriff's officials said.

"I turned evil; I woke up and remember everything," Oulton said in the letter, according to the BSO.

The prosecutor in the case presented some gruesome crime scene photos to the jury Monday, as a BSO detective described his initial interview with Oulton.

He said he found Yvonne in the backseat of the car," Deputy Jeff Cogen said. "He said that once they got to the parking lot his wife decided 'you know what, I'm not gonna play. Gonna go visit my nephew at a rehab place.' So left him at the parking lot and left him at the front door."

Video was also shown in court that showed the couple going home after dinner on the night of her murder. There is also video of Robert Oulton alone inside the casino.

"It clearly contradicts everything that he said, first of all," Cogen said. "Well, first of all, he says that his wife dropped him off at the casino. I know that's not true and he says he has to call her numerous times, pick him up at the casino and he would obviously know. It can't be accurate because she's dead inside the car."

The trial is expected to resume Tuesday.

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