Trial Nearing End for Alleged Facebook Killer

The South Miami man accused of killing his wife and posting a photo of her body on Facebook is one day closer to finding out if he goes home or heads to prison for life.

On Monday, the defense for Derek Medina called back a detective who had testified earlier on in the trial. Medina is facing first-degree murder for the death of his wife, Jennifer Alfonso. He is claiming self defense.

Prosecutors had asked the detective on Friday to extract four seconds of video from the original security footage from inside the home. It was the exact moment Medina killed her.

Defense attorneys couldn't get the witness to say whether he thought there was a struggle in the kitchen.

During the entire trial Medina's attorneys tried showing that Alfonso was the one in control in the relationship and that Medina simply defended himself when he shot her to death in their kitchen.

The trial could end Tuesday.

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