Truman's White House is Back

It might not be as fancy as that other "White House," but Harry Truman's former Key West vacation home has just as much historical value

Move over, Obama. Harry Truman has reclaimed his White House.

No, not the White House. We're talking about the Little White House, which served as Truman's vacation home in Key West during his years as president. Truman spent 11 working vacations at his Keys get away during his presidency between 1945 and 1953 in a time before Camp David became the U.S. President's favorite vacation spot.

It's taken seven years and $1 million to restore the all white mansion to its original state, with a few modern amenities added of course such as a museum and lush botanical garden.

The Little White House, originally built in 1890, has seen its share of famous visitors, including former presidents Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

For now, locals and tourists can tour the mansion and learn more about the history of the grounds and visit a museum that houses some of Truman's personal items. Maybe President Obama will find his way down to the Keys to take a tour of the country's other presidential palace.

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