Trump Administration Considering Cuts to Coast Guard, Security Agencies to Pay For Border Wall: Report

As the administration of President Trump works to find money to pay for a promised border wall with Mexico, reports have surfaced that several agencies could see cuts as a result – cuts that could be seen right here in South Florida.

According to various outlets, including the Washington Post, officials are weighing cuts to several groups – including the Coast Guard and the Transportation Security Administration. A projected 14 percent cut from the current budget of just over $9 billion for the Coast Guard is projected, along with 11 percent cuts for the TSA and FEMA.

The moves, which reportedly are being questioned by some Republican lawmakers, would raise the budgets for ICE by 36 percent and Border Protection by 27 percent. Administration officials said the process is still in early stages.

Miami's Coast Guard station deals with a variety of projects, including drug interceptions as well as dealing with Cuban migrants in the Florida Straits.

Coast Guard Lt. Commander Dave French said in a statement that the agency is working with the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies regarding the President's budget request, but would not comment on specific numbers or any possible cuts.

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