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Trump Presidency Could Affect US-Cuba Policy

Since Trump won about 53% of the Cuban vote in Florida, he may feel compelled to act.

There was a rousing cheer in Little Havana on Election Night as Donald Trump stumped Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.

Many Cuban-Americans believe a Trump presidency means a return to a hardline policy against Cuba.

During a recent visit to Miami, Trump criticized President Obama's outreach to the Castro government.

Trump called the White House’s effort a “one-sided deal which “benefits only the Castro regime."

However, a few months before, Trump said he was in favor of normalizing relations with Cuba.

Trump has taken contradictory positions on several issues during the campaign.

On the day after election night, students at Florida International University packed a classroom for a panel discussion on the election's impacts.

President Obama's executive orders on re-establishing diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba were a topic of discussion.

Professor Dario Moreno is an expert on the politics of the exile community.

"Those orders are very easy to reverse, and so with a stroke of a pen, Donald Trump can reverse everything that Obama has done with improving relations with Cuba," explained Moreno.

The FIU professor says while easing travel restrictions to Cuba has been popular in the Cuban-American community, Trump promised hard-liners he'd roll back Obama's initiative.

Since Trump won about 53% of the Cuban vote in Florida, he may feel compelled to act. And, not just about Cuba.

“But, I think we're in for a very interesting ride in foreign policy, not just with Cuba and Venezuela, but also Mexico and Canada, about our trade policies," said Moreno.

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