Trump to Fort Lauderdale: You're Fired

Unlike Miss California, The Donald isn't sticking behind his latest SoFla condo project

Spring Breakers aren't the only ones turning up their nose at Fort Lauderdale.

Donald Trump wants his name off condo-hotel project Trump International Hotel and Tower. In a letter developers sent to buyers earlier this week, the real estate mogul claimed developers were in default of a licensing agreement that allowed use of his name.

Needless to say, buyers were P-Oed, and thirty of them have filed a lawsuit, according to The Miami Herald, claming that although sales contracts state Trump can withdraw from the licensing deal, marketing materials suggested they would be buying a piece of The Donald.

After all, how are they supposed to brag about living in the SB Fort Lauderdale Hotel & Condominium, the official name of the building? Snore.

Apparently TIHT buyers didn't see Trump's bailout from the Trump Las Olas Beach Resort two years ago -- two miles down the beach -- as a sign.

Nevertheless, the project can't open unless at least 50 percent of buyers close on their units.

Unlikely, considering the building still needs more nips and tucks than Joan Rivers.

Though Joseph Altschul, the lawyer who filed the suit, said the units seem mostly finished, the public areas of the hotel need work.

''There's a shell where the restaurant and spa are supposed to be,'' he said.


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