Turnberry Isle Resort and Club Employees Combing Aventura Beach in Search for Lost Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

"By the time I got my hand out of the water, it was gone," Brittania Fisher said of a wave that knocked her off her feet

An engagement ring and wedding band lost at sea. It happened on Brittania Fisher's last day of vacation on Saturday – just last week at Aventura's Turnberry Isle Resort and Club.

"When it happened I was standing in ankle-deep water, just looking for shells and not paying attention, when a wave came up and knocked me clean off my feet and threw me into the water and sucked me back into the water," Fisher said. "By the time I got my hand out of the water, it was gone. The whole time in my head, 'your ring, your ring' and I clenched my hand, but it was already gone."

People on the beach tried to find it, with no luck. Now, hotel employees are hard at work – combing their private beach in hopes of finding that sparkling ring.

One security guard has already found a ring in the sand. That ring belonged to Heather Mills when she was with Sir Paul McCartney.

"Apparently they had a big row in our Grand Presidential Suite and in their fight she threw off her engagement ring and Henry was the one who found it on his own," Turnberry Isle Public Relations Director Rachel Pinzur said.

Fisher, who has been married just shy of two years, has taken to the Turnberry Isle Facebook page, posting a picture of her ring in hopes that someone will find it, do the honest thing, and send it back to her – all the way in Texas.

"I can't express to people the sentimental value of this ring," she said. "Anyone who's been married will know that ring just means everything. It's a symbol of your love."

Fisher is offering a $2,000 reward for whoever finds the ring.

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