TV Hopefuls Try Out for America’s Got Talent at Miami Beach Convention Center

Auditions will continue through February across the country.

From guys with guitars to little vocalists, thousands showed up to audition for America's Got Talent this weekend at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The line snaked around Washington Avenue to try out for the show's ninth season.

For 11-year-old hopeful Tanyi Zapata, the experience was daunting.

"It was tingly scary," the young singer said.

Others were itching to wow the judges with their routines, including a group of dancers from Edge Dance Company.

"We're really excited we're so honored to be here and we just can't wait to show the judges what we have," dancer Kiersten Brown said.

Another dancer said her team traveled from Lake Mary, Fla. to make the auditions.

"[It's] a real big deal," dancer Jaelyn Wrench said.

While the Miami auditions are over, try-outs will continue in different cities across the country through February 2014. For more information, click here.

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