TV Production Tractor-Trailer Stolen in Miami Lakes

Part of a mobile production tractor-trailer that was stolen from the parking lot of a Marriott in Miami Lakes on Tuesday night has been found.

Police found the trailer portion of the truck in Northeast Miami-Dade County and said everything appears to still be sealed inside. The truck portion of the vehicle still hasn't been found.

The truck was scheduled to be used for DIRECTV’s broadcast of the “Rich Eisen Show” which was going to be broadcast before Thursday night’s NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins.

The truck is operated by Sweetwater, a division of NEP. The truck, called "Pacific," was valued at between $3-$5 million, according to police.

"NEP would like to thank the Miami-Dade Police for their efforts and everyone who has been cooperating with police as they search for Pacific," NEP said in a statement.

NFL Network is scheduled to broadcast the Dolphins game on Thursday. Its production was not impacted by the theft of the truck.

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