Two Arrested in Little Havana Fatal Shooting of 17-Year-Old Danny Alvarez

The Miami Police Department said two men have been arrested in the murder investigation of Danny Alvarez, a 17-year-old shot dead in Little Havana.

"Two men are in custody and have been charged accordingly for their involvement in the murder of Danny Alvarez," MPD wrote on Twitter.

Alvarez was shot dead steps away from his home on Jan. 6 along SW 31st Avenue and 4th Street in Miami. Alvarez's 18th birthday would have been in March.

“He was a good kid and smart kid. Always looked out for you,” friend Joseph Caldes said.

On Twitter, Alberto M. Carvalho – superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools – said his thoughts and prayers are with Alvarez and his family.

"No matter the motive for this horrific crime, our community has lost another young person before his 18th birthday," Carvalho wrote. "My prayers and thoughts are with those who love Danny Alvarez."

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