Two Cars Crash Just Feet From Funeral Home in Little Haiti

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Two cars crashed just feet from a Little Haiti funeral home Saturday evening. The accident happened near 3555 NW 7th Street. Miami-Dade police have not confirmed what happened.

Ed Flores and his family were in the middle of a service at the funeral home when they heard the loud bang.

"It was almost like an explosion," witness Ed Flores said. "The lights went off in here, so yeah, we were like, what just happened?"

Flores says they stopped the service and watched as police rushed to the scene.

"We could see all the cops they were actually chasing the individual that took off on foot," Flores said. "It was a pretty crazy experience."

He also said that police chased the man who he believes was the driver of a red truck involved in the accident.

"Obviously they had their guns drawn and they did an amazing job," Flores said. "They caught him within a few minutes."

Flores said he also saw two people from the blue van involved being sent to the hospital.

This wasn’t the night Flores expected. He’s just glad his friends and family who were inside are all ok.

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