Two Cops Arrested for Breaking Into Cars

Cops busted breaking into cars in West Palm Beach

Cops getting in trouble in South Florida isn't really a newsflash, but it's not often they are caught breaking into cars.

Two West Palm Beach police officers have some explaining to do after they were caught early Thursday inside a Jupiter parking garage trying to steal, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

The two officers, Christopher Clark and Timothy Pike, face felony criminal mischief charges, but those charges could be upped to attempted burglary after an investigation.

Jupiter police encountered the two cops-turned-car thieves as they were attempting to break into two cars in the garage. It wasn't until after they were arrested that the men revealed they were officers of the law.

The police report said the men were not in uniform and well out of their jurisdiction. Clark and Pike have been placed on administrative leave by the West Palm Beach Police Department pending the outcome of the investigation.

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