Two Dozen Cuban Rafters Come Ashore Near Elliot Key, Investigation Into Country of Origin

Crews from FWC and Homeland Security responded to a call of two dozen Cuban rafters who landed on the shores near Elliot Key Tuesday afternoon.

The men, women and children were taken into custody on the island located south of Key Biscayne, where their country of origin will be determined before deciding if they will be allowed to stay or head home.

One of the men was taken to a hospital. He said he broke his leg after getting stuck in the mud. One of the rafters is a young boy, officials said.

Their landing on Sand Key, located roughly two and a half miles from the main coastline of Florida, will be the latest that will likely bring about challenges regarding what counts as making it to shore.

The group left Cuba on Saturday.

Recently, over two dozen Cuban migrants were ordered to be returned after a judge ruled that their landing at a lighthouse offshore did not constitute as making it to the United States.

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