Two Former Catholic Church Workers Arrested on Fraud, Grand Theft Charges

Police in Miami-Dade County have arrested two former church workers who were allegedly involved in a scheme to defraud St. Louis Catholic Church, according to a news release.

Arrest warrants for Nelson Tarke, a former employee at the Pinecrest church, and Stefano Lambo, one of the parish’s former independent contractors, were issued Friday. Tarke was also an employee at St. Louis Covenant School, officials said.

Tarke, who was employed as a campaign manager and development director at the church in 2019, was in charge while significant inappropriate and unauthorized spending of parish and school funds were occurring, according to school and church administrators. Some projects were undertaken with Lambo, according to a statement.

The Miami-Dade Police Department investigated the incident. Tarke was dismissed from employment in May 2019, while Lambo was dismissed in August 2019.

Tarke and Lambo are being charged with one count of organized fraud and grand theft of the first degree.

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