Two Kids Hurt When School Bus Crashes Into Building in Hialeah

Two students were treated for minor injuries after a school bus crashed into a building in Hialeah Friday.

The crash happened near East 1st Avenue and East 2nd Street. Hialeah Fire Rescue officials said there were 12 kids on the bus at the time but only two suffered minor injuries.

Police haven't released exactly what happened, but the bus also crashed into a car driven by a young woman.

"She was just crying there. She was like, calling people, and people were like calming her down," said Hanna Mayorga, a woman who witnessed the crash. 

Mayorga witnessed the crash from her apartment inside the building struck by the bus.

"I saw a lot of kids like freaked out. There were two kids from my building that live here, and they were in the crash and they like jumped out and everything," said Mayorga.

Nelson Hernandez, the driver of the bus, said he was almsot done with his route for the night when the crash happened. He said he was waiting at a stop sign at Second Street for at least three minutes before finally making his attempt to cross the street. Hernandez says a red car came out of nowhere right before the bus crashed into it.

"I had time to look here and there, I don't know where this girl came from," said Hernandez.

Hernandez said he lost control of the bus at some point, which is when it crashed into the building. The impact was so hard, the front door of the bus couldn't be opened because it was crushed. Passengers were able to escape through the back door with a few minor injuries.

Footage showed the front of the bus badly damaged, with pieces scattered near the outside of the building that was struck.

"I don't believe I was at fault. I don't even have a ticket," said Hernandez. 

Police haven't released any details about the crash yet. 

NBC 6 was unable to speak to the driver of the other car. The bus driver said he's been driving the bus since 2004 and has never had an accident until Friday. 

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