Two Kids Wander Out Of Home In Miami

A mother and her children were back together Thursday after two of the kids went wandering around a neighborhood just northwest of downtown Miami.

Ayana Sunni-Ali, her husband, and five children live in a duplex apartment. Thursday morning, 2-year-old Roberto and 3-year-old Rosa created a panic. At one point in the morning, Rosa managed to get a door in the house open.

“As far as I know someone called and said that my children opened the door and came outside while I was taking my other to children to school,” Sunni-Ali said.

The mother was a short distance away dropping her 11 and 9-year-old off at Maya Angelou School when the 3-year-old came outside. The little brother quickly followed Rosa outside.

“I took my older children to school this morning an upon my return I found the police here,” Sunni-Ali said. “They reported that my daughter had opened the door. She's three. She had opened the door and had come out to see if I was back.”

The mom said the kids were already inside the apartment when police arrived. Both her husband and 14 year old son were home while she went to the nearby school.

“They were in the house with my other son and he apparently had fallen asleep,” Ayana said.

The Department of Children and Families told Sunni-Ali that she should have the locks on the doors changed and moved higher on the door. DCF will also follow-up with the family to see if the changes have been made and check on the kids. However, DCF said it’s never been to the home before.

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