Two Long-Lost Sisters Finally Meet in South Florida

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera and Fanny Cuervo began catching up over the weekend

Two long-lost sisters were finally able to see each other for the first time in South Florida over the weekend.

Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera and Fanny Cuervo are catching up on more than 50 years of each other’s lives after their long-delayed meeting.

“It has been like a puzzle, but now that piece is complete,” said Rodriguez Aguilera, who is the vice mayor of Doral.

That piece of the puzzle was lost long before Rodriguez Aguilera’s birth when her teenage father left Spain as a teenager after getting a girl pregnant with Cuervo – who he never met.

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“They were different times, and the family, when they found out, they sent him to Cuba,” Rodriguez Aguilera said.

Years later her father ended up getting married and having kids in Cuba before going to jail for 14 years as a political prisoner. His new family moved to the U.S. while he was behind bars and years later he reunited with them when he was released.

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All of this occurred while Cuervo held on to the only photo she had of her father, wondering who he was and what kind of life he was living.

“My father came from Cuba, he always spoke that he really wanted to find his daughter, but he didn’t know how to reach her and he died over 20 years ago,” Rodriguez Aguilera said.

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Fast forward a few decades, and the power of the Google and the Internet sparked the connection their father always dreamed about.

“Around August of last year I receive an email from my daughter and she said ‘Oh my God, Mom, I think this is your lost sister,’” Rodriguez Aguilera said.

From there they stayed in touch, shared memories and finally met, as Cuervo and her daughter flew to Miami for the family reunion of a lifetime.

Although they hadn’t known each other, they love each other, Rodriguez Aguilera said.

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