Two Men Said They Stole From Cars To Buy Ultra Music Festival Tickets: Doral Police

Enrique Miguel Ponimansky, 20, and Michael Torres, 19, face burglary charges

Two men were arrested for stealing from vehicles in Doral in order to resell the items and buy tickets to the Ultra Music Festival, police said.

Enrique Miguel Ponimansky, 20, and Michael Torres, 19, were found stealing from the cars in Doral at around 2:40 a.m. on Wednesday, El Nuevo Herald reported.

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Ponimansky and Torres, who face burglary charges, were both released to pretrial services on Friday, a judge said.

“They told the sergeant that caught them that they were going to sell the stolen items to buy tickets for the Ultra Festival,” Joe Seiglie from Doral Police told the newspaper.

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It was not immediately known whether Ponimansky and Torres have attorneys.

Police said they found various watches, cell phones, GPS and marijuana in Ponimansky’s car.

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According to the police report, they chose cars at random, looking for the ones that had unlocked doors.

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