2 Miami Men Arrested For Placing Credit Card Skimming Devices at Gas Pump

Two Miami men were arrested Sunday morning after they were caught putting a credit card skimming device on a gas station pump.

At around 3 a.m. a police officer passed by a closed Valero gas station in Marathon and saw a car parked at the gas pumps. Suspicious because a number of credit card skimming devices have been found installed in gas pumps at various locations in Monroe County, the officer pulled up behind the parked car.

Police say the two men in the car were identified as Alberto Fombellida-Manso and Pavel Morejon-Martinez, both Miami residents. Further investigation revealed a credit card skimming device was found installed inside one of the gas pumps. A second skimming device was found shoved down into the back seat of the car.

Both men were arrested and charged with using a credit card skimming device to commit fraud and with loitering. Manso was also charged with tampering with evidence.

It is not known if the men have hired an attorney.

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