South Florida

Two Miramar Men Arrested for Allegedly Extorting an Elderly Man

Two Miramar men were arrested after police said they extorted thousands of dollars from an elderly man in New York.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office, the men along with another man from Baltimore, scammed an older man from New York into thinking his grandson was in jail and needed large sums of money.

Deputies said that earlier this week, the men called the 78-year-old several times.

Investigators said they extorted about $80,000 from him by getting the man to send the money to various South Florida addresses.

Leevensky Lambert, Eghosasere Auboraye and Keon Smith are all being charged with larceny, burglary and extortion.

Law enforcement officials say it’s a good idea to discuss this type of scam with elderly family members so they’ll be less likely to fall victim to it.

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