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Fire Contained After Two Propane Tanks Explode and Destroy Warehouse in West Park

A West Park wooden pallet warehouse is uninhabitable after a pair of propane tanks exploded in an overnight blaze that ripped through the building.

The fire broke out just after 3:00 a.m. on Wednesday near Pembroke Road and State Road 7 in West Park. Two propane tanks exploded, and firefighters were concerned for a time that more could follow.

"The first arrival units found propane tanks that were making noise," said Frank Correggio of Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue. "They were heated up and they were exploding."

Four different fire departments responded with 20 units working for hours to put out the blaze.

No injuries were reported, but the fire torched the 18,000 square foot warehouse.

Fire officials say the entire building is close to falling down, and that investigators cannot even get in safely to determine what caused the fire.

Officials say a demolition crew will have to first take down the entire building so that investigators can get in to launch an investigation.

Some business owners watched in tears as their property went up in flames. Among them, Noel Morazan and his family, who could only watch as his 6-year-old business was destroyed by the fire.

"I had new electricity in there with permits and everything," said Morazan, "Everything was on the right track."

As crews put out the fire, flames again sparked inside a melted tractor trailer, prompting frustrated business owners to try and take matters into their own hands and save their property.

Deputies quickly moved people away for safety so that firefighters could put that fire out.

Meanwhile, Morazan says the fire will not be the end of his business.

"I've got to start all over again," he says, "I've got to do it no matter what."

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