Uber Driver Accidentally Shoots Teen During Ride in Hollywood

The Uber driver is now being charged with culpable negligence.

A 15-year-old Hollywood girl is in recovery after an Uber driver's gun accidentally went off inside the vehicle and struck her in the foot.

According to a police report, the Uber driver, Adrian Harper, is now being charged with culpable negligence.

The teenager, Bailey Braun, says that she and a friend were riding in an Uber Pool - which stopped to pickup two more passengers - when all of a sudden a shot went off, and a bullet went through her ankle.

"We just hear a bang. And our ears started ringing, I think something exploded, I didn't feel anything yet," Braun says. "I didn't feel anything yet, and when I go to get out I lifted my leg and just saw blood pouring out."

Police say Harper had the firearm in his seat, next to his leg. The accidental shot went off when he attempted to secure the gun in his holster.

According to the report, Harper told police he had his finger inside the trigger guard and accidentally pulled it.

They say he was able to provide his concealed carry license.

NBC 6 reached out to Uber and received this statement:

"Uber's weapons policy is that drivers are prohibited from carrying firearms of any kind while using our app."

Braun is now in a cast in bed and will not be able to walk for a couple of weeks.

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