Uber Pickup at Miami Beach School Was Misunderstanding: Police

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Police say a misunderstanding led to a scare at a Miami Beach school after an Uber driver stopped at the school while making a pickup.

According to police, the Uber driver was picking up someone near St. Patrick Catholic School on Garden Avenue on Jan. 6. It turned out the person who requested the ride had the same name as a student at the school, and the driver inquired at the school while looking for the person, police said.

"After much effort, our detectives have now resolved the issue by confirming that this was a completely innocent and unrelated Uber pickup," Miami Beach Police said in a statement.

School officials informed families of the incident and said they do not allow students to go home with any form of public transportation, including Uber, Lyft or taxicabs, without a written note from a parent.

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