Uber Up for Debate Again in Broward

Broward residents are pressing commissioners to have Uber and other ride-sharing services return to the county.

More than 100 residents had lined up at Tuesday's county commission meeting to speak both for and against the services, with most in favor of bringing them back.

Uber suspended operation in Broward last month, due to what they called unnecessary regulations.

Two proposals are now on the table that loosen the recent rules created for transportation network companies. They drop the need for fingerprinting and allow Uber to handle background checks itself instead of having them done by the county.

Commissioner Mark Bogen said Uber has tighter rules on background checks than the county.

Another proposal being considered calls for a website where customers can rate taxi drivers. The idea behind it is to help raise the standards in the taxi industry.

Commissioners said as transportation companies have become more popular, more complaints come in about taxi cabs.

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