Ultra Brings Thousands of Electronic Music Lovers to Downtown Miami

But some neighbors are not happy about the logistical headache

It’s that time of year again – when the Ultra Music Festival draws thousands of electronic music lovers to downtown Miami.

Ultra is so popular this year it sold out all three days in the blink of a costume eye-lashed eye.

It’s a whole subculture of people who love the music. Elaborate costumes are one way they show that love.

One group of girls, who have been coming to Ultra for the last five years, said that this year they are each spending hundreds of dollars on their outfits alone.

One of them said she spent $600, “for three days, and then paint, and then another $300 and then including hotels.”

It’s an event hipsters have waited for all year long.

“It’s a lot of raging. I’m so excited,” said one.

But not everyone is ultra-excited about the 14th edition of the festival, which runs through Sunday.

”No, I’m not happy,” said Christoph Paris, who lives in a condo building next to the festival at the beginning of Biscayne Boulevard. As board president, he’s responsible for his neighbors who live in the 900 units of his building.

“My main concern is the safety of our residents. This type of event brings a lot of people, too many people,” Paris said.

He says aside from the logistical headache of basically being forced to say home all weekend because of the gridlock around Biscayne, the festival also costs people who live in nearby condos a lot of money.

“We have to hire extra security, we have to pay staff overtime to ensure the safety of our residents and the fact that our property is not destroyed by all of this,” he said.

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