Ultra Music Festival Will Be 18+ Starting in 2015

Ultra 2015 is scheduled for March 27-29.

Ultra organizers are imposing an age limit starting at next year's electronic dance music festival.

Starting in 2015, Ultra Music Festival will be 18 and over.

Organizers said in an email statement that they value the support from younger fans, but they believe the festival is a "premium event geared towards adults."

"This decision has been made to reinforce and promote the safety of all Ultra Music Festival fans and to ensure the overall enjoyment of all future attendees," the statement reads. "We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received from our younger fan base to date, and we encourage them to attend the festival once they reach the appropriate age."

The organizers encourage younger fans to watch the festival on 'ULTRA LIVE,' the event's free YouTube stream.

Next year's festival will take place March 27-29 at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. Pre-registration opens Sept. 15. For more information, visit

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