UM Paying Students Not to Go to Class

School encouraging law students not to attend

If ever there was a mixed message, this would be it. There is a university out there that is actually trying to pay students not to go to their school.

Welcome to Coral Gables.

The University of Miami's law school is offering $5,000 to students who were accepted to attend the school this year not to come to school. You heard right. Get paid not to go to class. If we knew that, we would have enrolled to become an attorney a long time ago.

The deal some broke college students won't be able to refuse goes like this: Take the scholarship and attend the school next year. The student also has to perform 120 hours of community service. That's it.

It turns out the law school is a victim of its own popularity (or the fact that students are afraid to join the real world and instead choose a life of post-graduate sanctuary). About 4,700 students applied to come to the law school this year and apparently someone lost count while stamping "approved" on grad packets.

School officials told the Sun-Sentinel they may have taken on too many students, so they sent letters to about 700 already-accepted newcomers asking them to postpone their arrival at the U. That $5,000 could come in handy considering it costs $38,000 per year to learn law in the Gables.

That's a deal even a prospective fast-talking lawyer would be hard pressed to turn down.

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