UM Wins National Championship… in Partying

Playboy mag thinks the 'canes are best at not being lame

It’s nickname isn’t Suntan U for nothing.

Today Playboy magazine rated the University of Miami the #1 party school in America.

Other schools on the list included the University of Texas (Austin), San Diego State University, University of Florida, University of Arizona, University of Wisconsin (Madison), University of Georgia, Louisiana State University, University of Iowa and West Virginia University.

Schools were ranked in five categories: campus life, sports, sex, brains (nice try, Playboy) and bikini, which factored in weather, guy-to-girl ratio and cheerleaders.

But absent from the credentials were college bars and parties that exist on the fringe of campus life.

"In order to make the list, you had to be a school where fun happens, so we threw that out and went to other criteria," Playboy Assistant Editor Rocky Rakovic told Reuters reporter Alex Dobuzinskis of the notable absence of a “bar scene” category.

Rakovic went on to explain that it was hard to quantify what made a good bar scene from campus to campus, because each location had its specific attributes.

"You can't say a keg party at Arizona State is much better than bar crawl at (University of) Wisconsin," he explained.
But having a pool and bar on campus -- not to mention mini skirt-inspiring weather year round -- trumps both of those, apparently.

Go Canes!


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