‘Unbelievable' Tragedy: Woman Killed In I-95 Shooting Laid to Rest

Police still searching for suspects in killing of 22-year-old Melissa Gonzalez

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The family of a woman who was killed on I-95 in early January said their final goodbyes Friday as she was laid to rest.

A funeral was held Friday morning in southwest Miami-Dade for 22-year-old Melissa Gonzalez, who was shot and killed while driving with her boyfriend down Interstate 95 on Jan. 3.

Two weeks after the fatal shooting, police say they still don’t have a motive or suspect, but family members are holding out hope.

“Please. If you have a niece, if you have a son, a father, a family member…you know how bad this pain is," said Justo Nuñez, Melissa's uncle. "Please – you know what you have to do. You need to call us."

At a viewing Thursday night, Melissa’s grandfather said doesn’t have a doubt they’ll find a suspect.

“Let me tell you something. They’re going to find that person,” he said.

The family of a woman who was killed on I-95 in early January is searching for answers, hoping to find information about their loved one’s death while coping with the pain of the tragedy.

Melissa was a college graduate and aspiring lawyer. She loved to travel and loved to spend time with her family.

“A very smart person. She loved history. She wanted to be a lawyer," Nuñez said. "Unbelievable.”

According to Gonzalez's family, she had graduated from Florida International University in the summer of 2018 and had plans of going to law school. Her mother says she was set to take the LSAT in just a few weeks.

Police are looking for any leads in the case. Officials say they don’t think Melissa was a target in the shooting and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

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