University of Miami Reports Nearly 100 Positive COVID Tests in One-Week Period

The school reported 2,627 tests were given and one staff member was hospitalized during the week

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Nearly 100 people on the campus of the University of Miami tested positive for the coronavirus in a one-week period, the school announced Monday.

A dashboard from the school revealed 96 positive cases were reported between August 17 and August 23. The school reported 1,846 tests were given and one staff member was hospitalized during the week.

At least 94 students have been quarantined by the school, according to the dashboard.

“Each student, faculty member, and staff member must do their part to protect both themselves and those people they come in contact with,” the school said in a statement. “Health-risking behavior will not be tolerated.”

Several on campus students at the University of Miami were forced relocate after four students tested positive for coronavirus the university says.

This past week, four students and several others that showed symptoms were removed from their floors at Hecht Residential Hall and moved into isolated locations. Another 51 students on two floors were required to quarantine in their rooms or at home.

Kyle Levy, a freshman at the school, was told to leave his dorm within an hour just one week after moving in.

He said he - along with the other students - was given a case manager and a new dorm with toiletries, water and other needed items.

"I think the biggest thing is you get scared when you don’t know what’s going on," Levy said. "But, they were very informative of what was going on. I felt very at ease and things were just going to happen and I’d be okay with it."

University of Miami students were required to take COVID-19 tests before returning to campus for the fall. Those who tested positive had to isolate for 14 days.

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