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Unsolved Mystery: Homeless Man Beaten; Suspect on the Run

A homeless man tried to do the right thing when he saw a violent dispute between a couple, but the good Samaritan quickly became the target of the man’s fury.

Gory was how Det. Michael Parmenter of Miami-Dade Police described the crime scene.

Eliener Vivar was homeless, walking with a friend near the Northside Metrorail Station on July 10, 2016 when they encountered an irate man, acting completely out of control.

“Screaming, smashing rocks and bottles onto a Chrysler 300, they could see it was a female inside the car. They could see she was upset,” said Det. Parmenter.

Moments before they saw the angry man, a woman in the area of NW 79th Street and 31st Avenue called 911 to report similar behavior.

“There is a guy beating the living life out of a woman downstairs by the train station parking,” said a 911 caller.

But police said the man, later identified as Rashad Davis, took his anger out on Vivar.

“As he neared where the male was made a comment to him, something along the lines of hey, leave the girl alone. That pretty much triggered the subject,” said Det. Parmenter.

Davis then allegedly stabbed Vivar multiple times until he collapsed. Surveillance cameras captured Davis walking away from where the murder happened and ducked as a car passed by.

“You do see that at one point while walking by a tree, he reaches down and it looked as if he tried to dig something into the ground,” said Det. Parmenter.

Court records show Rashad Davis has a violent criminal history. Now, he’s on the run and police believe he is armed and dangerous.

“He’s out there in the streets. Without absolutely no regard for a good Samaritan that was just trying to intervene,” said Det. Parmenter.

If you have any information about Davis’s whereabouts, you may be eligible for up to a $3,000 reward. Call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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