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UPS Adds Shipping Fees During Peak Holiday Shopping Periods

UPS will introduce new shipping fees for the first time during peak holiday shopping periods this year, a decision that will increase retailer shipping costs which could result in higher fees for consumers.

Between Nov. 19 and Dec. 23, UPS will increase charges for large packages, packages over maximum limits and deliveries to U.S. residences, the company announced in a news release.

From Nov. 19 to Dec. 2, UPS will charge an additional 27 cents for ground residential deliveries. A 97 cent charge will be applied for some shipment options between Dec. 17 and Dec. 23.

Packages with length plus girth that exceeds 130 inches will cost an additional $24 during the peak periods. Those that weigh more than 150 pounds will cost an extra $249. Those fees are in addition to the company’s normal surcharges.

The charge is the result of the additional delivery planes, trucks, facilities and staff the company has during the holiday season. UPS said shipments that are “larger, heavier or have unconventional shapes or sizes create even greater operational complexity during high-demand periods.”

UPS shipped more than 30 million packages per day during the 2016 holiday season in contrast to the 19 million each day it ships during non-peak times. The company added 95,000 seasonal employees during the last holiday period.

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