U.S. Marshals Sell Drug Dealers' Cars in Miami

More than 50 seized vehicles hit the auction block in Opa-Locka

The cars are fast and so is the talk as the U.S. Marshals put more than 50 seized vehicles up for auction in Opa-Locka Thursday.

Muscle cars and mini-vans, even an antique went up for grabs at the Apple Auctioneering Company.

"They got a lot of beautiful cars here," said David Chechila, who was hoping to score a deal. "I like the Vipers."

Man Auctions Off 90 Antique Cars, Wants One Wife

Organizers say federal agents seized the vehicles, which includes some watercraft, from drug dealers in South Florida.

Tina Alexander had an eye for one special set of wheels.

"I love that Mercedes up there," she said. "I'm a simple woman."

A few hundred prospectors attended the auction, peeking under the hoods of a 2009 Mercedes SLR or a 1930s hot rod. The Mercedes commanded a price tag of $141,000.

Bonnie and Clyde's Guns Up for Auction

Auctioneer Kevin Scully said he calls first-timers 'looky-loos.' He likes to mess with them, and everyone else.

"I stir as much trouble up as I can before the auction starts. I antagonize and I mess with all the buyers, get 'em going, get 'em pumped up, get 'em excited," said Scully.

But once the auction begins "there's no friends," he said. A $225,000-dollar car could go for $15,000 below value, he noted. But no one likes being too specific, that would ruin the strategy.

Proceeds from the U.S. Marshals auction fund compensation for crime victims, and support community as well as officer programs.

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