Valet 101

Late for class? Want freshmen to think you're a VIP? FIU offering valet service

FIU students don't have to get all dolled up and rent a Bentley to partake in the ultimate service to let people know you've arrived—valet parking.

All they have to do is drive to campus.

Golden Panther officials have OK'd a three-month experiment to allow a valet company to park students' cars who might otherwise be late for class looking for a spot. It's the South Beach solution to a common campus problem: parking.

No more carrying those meddlesome quarters to feed the meter or driving around for hours to find a parking spot to catch a class you just missed. But it also takes away the most valid of tardy excuses.

If the experiment is a success, FIU officials might want to consider bottled water service during classes or installing velvet ropes and a bouncer in front of the school library.

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