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Residents Worry About Safety After Cars Vandalized in Fort Lauderdale

Residents at a Fort Lauderdale apartment complex said they aren't feeling safe after several cars in the community were vandalized.

The break-ins happened at The Atlantic Cypress Creek on Pacific Point Place.

"People were angry, people were upset, people were fearful and concerned," said resident Nicole Loiten.

Residents believe the windows of eight to 10 vehicles were smashed and that the crooks targeted high-end cars.

Marcela Bayerque said her window costs $1,000 to replace and that it will take time until she'll be able to drive her car again.

Nicky Martin is also paying a hefty price for the smashing spree. Her Range Rover was targeted Saturday night.

"My AirPods were in the arm rest, they stole that, but that was it," Martin said. "And that's the worst part of it. $800 for a window because I drive a 2019 Range Rover ... it cost me $800 to fix it for a $200 AirPod they stole."

Now residents of this apartment complex are frustrated because they say they were promised luxury -- instead they complain there aren't any surveillance cameras and not enough security.

"It's scary. It's time for corporate to do something for us," said resident Liz Havens-Cook. "We are paying to live in this very nice place and it isn't safe."

"It's been an ongoing problem in this area and we just want the management to put more safety precautions in place," Loiten said.

The regional manager of the apartment complex told NBC 6 they cannot make a comment because it is an ongoing investigation, but they are working with the Broward Sheriff's Office.

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